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OCD – 11 b – Troy Rathke, The Belly

What’s going on People?

This episode is the continuation of the epic adventure that is Vision Quest West: A Mission to Live. I don’t know how to explain this story. Such an incredible adventure and inspiring purpose. The feeling of wonder and awe are hard to come by without exploration and we are honored to be able to listen and share with everyone Troy’s adventure and mission. Go to his YouTube channel to see more videos. Go to to read his blog from the trip. See his video Secret Moab Arch on as well as YouTube.

Featured Song: The Echo by Leon Legacy. Listen to his album 12Fourteen88 on Get his new album Falling with Style, dropping Friday Nov. 10 2017, and listen to his appearance on Off Colored Discussions Sunday Nov. 12 2017. Like us on Facebook: OCD – Off Colored Discussions. He will be performing a song off the album on Facebook Live.

Beer of the Week: Henniker Brewing’s Damn Sure. A damn sure delicious double IPA with a hoppy flavor and lite body.


OCD – 11 – Troy Rathke, The Return, The Journey’s Beginning.

What’s going on folks? This is Off Colored Discussions and this week on the podcast…

Troy Rathke returns to tell the story of the adventure the will shape the idea for what he is going to accomplish with his non-profit and yearly retreat of Vision Quest West: A Mission to Live. This adventure is so massive, and we don’t want to cut anything out, that it will cover multiple episodes. This is part 1. Part 2 will be next week. Part 3 and a possible 4 will be sometime in the future. It is truly awesome and we cannot express enough gratitude for being able to be the ones that get to share the story. He is inspiring and we are honored to be able to call him a friend.

The song for the week: Not Alone by Doc Todd ft. Bingx.

If you don’t know, Doc Todd is a veteran Navy Combat medic that by using hip-hop, he is trying to inspire other vets to find purpose through the creative arts. He also served with Troy, and I could not think of a better person to be featured on this episode than him. You can find Doc’s links below to his music, as well as the CNN interview. He’s been on multiple podcasts such as Vantage Point, the podcast for the Department of the US Veteran Affairs. We are honored to feature his song.

Facebook: TheRealDocTodd
Twitter: @TheRealDocTodd

Beer of the Week: Able Ebenezer’s Victory.

We couldn’t think of a more fitting beer than Victory nor Defeat from New Hampshire’s own Able Ebenezer Brewing Co. A delicious IPA that is smooth, rich, and not bitter. If you’re in Merrimack NH, look them up and try a flight of their craft beer. Tell them you heard about it on the podcast.

OCD – 10 – Randy Bolduc, F.A.S.T. Team, Shooting Competition

What’s up ladies and gentlemen? This episode of Off Colored Discussions, we sit with Randy Bolduc. A Marine veteran that served as a Corporal for the First Fleet Anti-Terrorism unit. We go over his service, and what he’s doing as the Advanced Manufacturing Program Manager for Great Bay Community College. We also go over his shooting competitions.

Beer of the Week:
Red Hook The Big Ballard IPA, and Bi-Coastal IPA

Song of the week: Ashes to Ashes.                               Twitter: @Justin_Kredabul                                   

OCD – 9 – Jim Papineau, Sports and Alcohol

What’s going on? This week on Off Colored Discussions, Joe and Bill sit with Jim Papineau, HVAC Specialist, and avid sports maniac. We had a lot of fun and he’ll be back the week of the Pats bye to see where we are at fantasy football wise. We look as some Corn hole tournaments and discuss searching for that perfect beer to change perspective.

Also, at the end of the episode you will hear The Monologue from College. We are big fans of the underground music, and this track is awesome. Check him out: