OCD – 15 – Michael Glennon, Spartan Races, Dog Fostering

This week we sat with a friend of ours that we’ve known since high school, our friend Michael Glennon. We go over his up coming marathon and Spartan race and what goes into it as he trains. We also talk about his home as a home to foster rescue dogs.

Beer of the Week: Broad Arrow – Able Ebenezer Brewing Co., Merrimack, NH. If you’ve listened to this podcast before then you know we have a love of the fine beer that comes from Able. Also it’s very close by, and we like to support our friends there as much as they help us. Check them out at http://ableebenezer.com

Featured Song: Murky Weekend – Joshua Casper. For those that have listen, they’ve heard a couple songs from Joe. Joshua Casper was the man behind those tracks. He an accomplished producer and you can now see his tutorials on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/JoshuaCasper22  and SoundCloud at http://soundcloud.com/joshuacasper

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