Beer of the Week

I’ve never been a “beer drinker” as they say. Until recently I’ve never an IPA, or even had anything flavorful other than Sam’s Winter Lager, and their Oktoberfest. I’m pretty sure Lagers are the only type of beer that touched this palette. Yuengling being my favorite. Until Able Ebenezer’s Kilgore. That beer single handedly changed my outlook of what beer is. From there I sampled all they had to offer. Starting with their flagship IPA and Double IPA, Burn the Ships and Victory Nor Defeat. To their seasonals, like Emma Wood and Tabularasa. Since then I have expanded my tastings from all over New England, California, Washington, and where ever I can find. I’ve come to appreciate the craftsmanship that it takes to make a “good beer”.


Joe B.

My fascination with beer started in 2009 when my Wife and I were given a beer of the month membership as a wedding gift. When that first month’s 12 pack showed up… My entire outlook on beer changed and started a journey to which of most I don’t remember….


Billy C.