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OCD – 28 – Jim Moody, Veterans Count, Beard Comp.

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This week, Phase Deuce continues, as we sat with the Chair of Veterans Count, Jim Moody. Jim is a veteran officer that served in our nations Army and now serves his fellow vets by raising funds and awareness through a variety of programs and fund raising events. It is an honor for us to be able to host our beard competition with them. Voting lines are open and you should be able to see the updated photos. For more information on Veterans Count you can go to http://vetscount.org/nh or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VeteransCount/

Beer of the Week:
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Masons Brewing Co. – Brewer ME. – Hipster Apocalypse – Idaho-7 hop varietal. 5.7% ABV.

VOTING IS OPEN! Beards, Beers, & Battle Scars was kicked off with our shave date. Please help support the cause and vote for your favorite.

15 participants shaved their faces clean Sunday and will take the next 8-months to grow their beards! You can support them by voting for your FAVORITE guy & beard (once they grow back!). Voting is $5/vote (unlimited voting), the beard with the most votes will win Fan Favorite in August! Click here to vote: http://vetscount.org/nh/events/beards-beers-battle-scars/

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OCD – 20 – Jim Papineau, Pats Bye Week, Welcome to the 100 Club

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This week, Jim Papinaeu is back in the studio to hang out, have some drinks, and celebrate his first appearance hitting 100 downloads. This was recorded the week of the New England Patriots bye. We talk sports, movies, and life. It was a fun conversation and a great time as always.

Beer of the Week: Call It a Day IPA – Moat Mountain – Double IPA 8.0 ABV.
You can see more from Moat Mountain at  http://moatmountain.com/what-we-brew

Featured Song: Cycle Repeats – Bad Habitat feat. Elton Cray. Coming from Portland Oregon, Bad Habitat brings a progressive sound over original beats that pay homage to a those that came before. You can check out more from them at the following:


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OCD – 9 – Jim Papineau, Sports and Alcohol

What’s going on? This week on Off Colored Discussions, Joe and Bill sit with Jim Papineau, HVAC Specialist, and avid sports maniac. We had a lot of fun and he’ll be back the week of the Pats bye to see where we are at fantasy football wise. We look as some Corn hole tournaments and discuss searching for that perfect beer to change perspective.

Also, at the end of the episode you will hear The Monologue from College. We are big fans of the underground music, and this track is awesome. Check him out: