Beards, Beers, & Battle Scars


15 participants shaved their faces clean Sunday and will take the next 8-months to grow their beards! You can support them by voting for your FAVORITE guy & beard (once they grow back!). Voting is $5/vote (unlimited voting), the beard with the most votes will win Fan Favorite in August! Click here to vote:

Beards, Beers, & Battle Scars!

An 8 month beard competition to raise funds and awareness for Off Colored Discussions, Bearded Sinners Beard Club of New Hampshire, and most importantly, Veterans Count; A program from Easter Seals.

Competition is from January 7th to Aug 4th or 11th. (TBD)

Contestants will register January 7 2018, at Handsome Devils Barbershop in Hooksett NH at 10:30 am. Entry is $15.00. Registration closes at 11:00 am. After registration closes, contestants will be shaved clean.

Photos of the contestants must be submitted monthly to to showcase progress.

Off Colored Discussions, Bearded Sinners Beard Club, Veterans Count, and contestants will advertise for people to vote on their favorite contestant. $5.00 per vote. (Ex. Jimmy pays $20.00 for Sam. Sam receives 4 votes.) Money received from voting is to be donated to Veterans Count.

*Voting site to be created after registration.*

There are 3 events planned for this.

• Shave Day – Jan. 7th – Handsome Devils Barbershop.
• Mario Kart Tournament/Live Podcast – May 5th – TBA
• Summer Sizzler – TBD (August 4th or 11th) – Able Ebenezer

At the Summer Sizzler, hosted by Bearded Sinners Beard Club, the winners will be chosen. Prizes and trophies will be awarded to those that win.
• Best Under 6” – decided by judges
• Best Over 6” – decided by judges
• Fan Favorite – decided by voting

*There are prizes to raffle off at all events.*

Any questions or concerns, please email